About Me

I was brought up in a family of bowlers, all playing in the Warwick and Worcester area. My nan and grandad, my parents and my sister all played crown green bowls and I started to play when I was about 11 years old, playing my first competitive game at 13. I played pretty solidly until I was about 20 when I went to university.

After leaving university I moved south to Somerset where crown green bowls is either incredibly uncommon or non-existent. As I had stopped playing I wanted to retain some connection with crown green bowls and, if possible, encourage new players to take up the game. Bowls in all its forms is usually seen as a game for the older generations, but I think it has a lot to offer younger players. Concentration, hand eye co-ordinattion, teamplay are just some of what bowls has to offer.

I am now back playing again after over a decade away from the game, albeit on a limited basis due to having a young family and lots of other commitments.

In order to help promote the game if I can, I have created this site with club details and crown green bowling tips. I hope eventually to be able to offer tips for a range of players of different levels, but currently they are probably of most use to beginners. Some of my thoughts relating to the 'mental' aspects of the game might help more experienced players to improve.

I don't claim to be an outstanding player but skills I have learnt from other competitive sports and games provide a grounding for the advice I try to offer.

If anyone wants any specific advice or help to improve their game, wants my thoughts on anything bowls related, or wants to add their club to the list then please get in touch via the 'contact' page.